Job Title Name Duties Phone
Post-doc researcher Pei-Yi Lin Project management, statistics and data analysis 02-7749-1464
Project Manager Alex Wang Survey scheduling, survey data collection and analysis 02-7749-3677
Ling Chen Quality control of survey data, data verification 02-7749-3684
Ya-Wen Chen Scheduling of face-to-face Individual test, recruitment of assessors, individual test data collection 02-7749-3675
Evelyn Huang Administration and supervision of interviewers, interviewer training, assignment of interviewer’s visiting district 02-7749-1464
Gina Li Collecting responses to survey invitation, reconfirming survey data, conducting make-up survey, administration of online survey 02-7749-1463
Meng-Hsuan Lin Drawing up/controlling budgets, payroll computation 02-7749-3666
Li-Lung Lai Document editing, purchase, reimbursement, liaison, public relations 02-7749-3679
Shih-Yi Yu/Russell Liao Website construction, system development, ISMS management, information-related affairs 02-7749-3686